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Storm Water Erosion Control Supplies

Clean Earth Solutions proudly offers (and installs) North American Green and Scour Stop brand products ranging from simple silt fencing to custom blend hydro seed applications and everything in between! if you don't see it listed here, call Clean Earth Solutions to discuss all of your storm water runoff needs!

Our storm water and erosion control products are specifically formulated for unpaved roadways, shoulders, paths, trails, slopes, and indoor and outdoor arenas.

They can eliminate up to 98% of erosion problems at the source, whereas typical mechanical methods such as rock check dams or gabion baskets may only be 50% effective.

Clean Earth Solutions believes that erosion control is much more effective than sediment control.

By stopping erosion before it becomes sediment, you can avoid costly clean-up and environmental effects from ever occurring. Controlling erosion is important, regardless of the size or type of change in land usage. Each phase of a project has the potential to create significant volumes of sediment runoff and/or contaminant transfer.

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"Stormwater is untreated runoff
from rainfall."

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"These contaminants can include sediment, excess nutrients,
heavy metals, oil, pesticides and bacteria."

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Clean Earth SolutionsCurlex Blankets Control
Slope Erosion Problems

Heavy Duty Curlex Blankets, for long-term protection against wind and water erosion, are a natural choice in place of stone or riprap in swales, ditch bottoms, and on long, steep slopes.

Protecting the environment,
our earth and our water is everyone's job !

Products and
services from
Clean Earth Solutions
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Silt Fences

Clean Earth SolutionsSilt fences control sediment runoff around the site perimeter. Silt fences slow the water long enough to cause sediment to drop out, allowing water to pass through the fabric. Silt fences are made of a woven polypropylene material and are non-biodegradable . This engineered geotextile is stabilized to resist degradation due to ultraviolet exposure. It is resistant to commonly encountered soil chemicals, mildew and insects. Polypropylene is stable within a pH range of 2 to 13, making it one of the most stable polymers available for geotextiles today.

To install silt fence, simply drive stakes and attach fabric with stapler (if not already pre-assembled). The bottom of the fabric should be placed under 6 inches of compacted soil to prevent sediment flow underneath the fence. This will typically require the use of a trencher prior to silt fence installation. Make sure that all supporting posts are on the down slope side of the fencing. If wire backing is used, it should be installed directly onto posts, and then silt fence is attached to posts and wire backing.


Clean Earth SolutionsShort-Term Biodegradable
Erosion Control Blankets

The short-term biodegradable erosion control blankets consist of an evenly distributed layer of 100% agricultural straw stitched with biodegradable thread to a single-netting or double-netting structure composed of 100% biodegradable jute fiber. They are designed to provide all-natural erosion protection and assist with vegetation establishment for up to 12 months in applications such as moderately sloping areas and low-flow channels where bare-ground seeding and loose mulches often fail. After the blankets biodegrade, soil erosion is controlled by the root, stem, and leaf structures of the mature vegetation.



Clean Earth SolutionsGreen Straw Wattles

Cylinders of recycled, compressed, 100% agricultural straw, Straw Wattles are wrapped in photodegradable black synthetic netting. Straw Wattles can be placed and staked along the contour of newly constructed or disturbed slopes. Their use to capture and keep sediment on the slopes is a best management practice (BMP).

Fertile topsoil, organic matter, and native seeds are trapped behind Straw Wattles, and provide a stable medium for germination. Straw Wattles also retain moisture from rainfall, aiding the growth of tree seedlings planted to their up-slope side.


ScourStop PanelClean Earth Solutions

ScourStop can be delivered and installed with one man and a standard pickup. A driver, utility knife, and pliers are the only tools required for the actual installation. A skid loader or box-blade, shovel, and rake can typically prepare the soil and finish-grade each location.

ScourStop combines vegetation with modern material technology to mechanically protect the soil from scour and erosion. Once in place, the ScourStop transition mats mechanically protect the soil from scour until the shear force is diminished by the water expansion process.


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