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Precision Tank, Line and Leak Detector Services

Clean Earth Solutions' technicians and their certified, precision line leak testing equipment are strategically located across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana! Other states and areas are equally serviced by Clean Earth Solutions, with response times as fast as 24 hours! With almost 100 years of combined precision testing experience and well over 100 years of fueling, piping and submersible pump experience, Clean Earth Solutions provides unequaled service and knowledge, delivering accurate and timely testing data.
Line Leak Testing
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Precision Tank &
Ullage Testing
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Clean Earth Solutions is capable of testing
up to 3 lines at one time.

Tank Testing Trailer

The failure of pressurized piping remains the primary source of petroleum contamination from underground storage tank (UST) systems today.

All lines and line detectors are required by law to have annual inspection / verification of their functionality. This is critical from not only a regulatory stand point, but to prevent environmental catastrophe. Trust Clean Earth Solutions to provide you with accurate testing and reporting services !

Line testing

Precision Line Testing

Clean Earth Solutions can also provide pin point leak identification, spill containment, sump leak identification and pressure vent cap verification.

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Tank Test Graph

Clean Earth Solutions offers PRECISION LINE LEAK TESTING using the Acu-Rite Pipe Line Leak detection system, the PETRO-TITE Precision Line Tester for line testing, and the TSC 1000 for Leak Detector testing. For storage tanks and ullage, Clean Earth Solutions uses the USTest 2001 systems.

As with all of the services offered by Clean Earth Solutions, Precision Testing is conducted “in house”
by our own certified technicians.

Data From All These Tests,
as well as some other pertinent data,
is available on-line using the
Clean Earth Solutions IDEA® !
Clean Earth Solutions has a better IDEA
Internet Data Exchange Application®

Contact Clean Earth Solutions For Answers
To All Of Your Testing Concerns.

Whether for an SIR verification,
line repair or periodic regulatory testing,
you can count on Clean Earth Solutions to deliver !

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