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Internet Data Exchange Application®

The IDEA® is much more than a simple Internet site where digital “copies” of paperwork are posted! It is rather, a completely interactive online data base that tracks and notifies a user of critical testing, renewal or other operational dates to help you keep in compliance.
Clean Earth Solutions IDEA

Internet Data Exchange Application (IDEA)®
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We Offer Streamlined Access to the Members Only Area from the front page of our Website, straight into the specific login page. Your time is important, so we make it easier for you to monitor your business using IDEA®.

Clean Earth Solutions is proud to offer an exciting technology that allows the fueling industry to remotely manage and track every facet of their fueling systems !

This program was developed by Clean Earth Solutions over the last 9+ years in conjunction with on-site testing and verification of numerous fueling systems and components.


Clean Earth Solutions
has a better IDEA® !

This program is called; Internet Data Exchange Application®, or IDEA® for short. It tracks ALL CRITICAL DATES and automatically notifies any number of personnel via e-mail.

Click on any of the Screen Shots on this page for larger view of some sample IDEA® Data Display Screens.

Clean Earth Solutions IDEA

Clean Earth Solutions

The IDEA® can track any information relevant to a fuel site such as;

  • All underground storage tank information
  • All submersible pump, piping, sump and dispenser information
  • Current leak detection systems
  • ATG Equipment
  • Cathodic protection systems
  • Spill and overfill equipment
  • Dispenser calibration
  • Precision line, leak detector and stage II vapor recovery testing
  • Precision tank testing
  • SIR management
  • Regulatory forms, data and certificates
  • Digital pictures
  • And much more. . .




Every facet of environmental monitoring and compliance is easily tracked using the IDEA®


IDEA® is a registered trademark of Clean Earth Solutions 

Let Clean Earth Solutions Help Protect You NOW! ! !

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