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Photo of a basin taken before Clean Earth Solutions was hired to bring it into compliance.

Photo of same basin AFTER Clean Earth Technicians brought it into compliance.
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Permanent BMPs and measures must be implemented to control the discharge of pollution from regulated activities after the completion of construction. These practices and measures have been designed, and will be constructed, operated, and maintained to ensure removal of suspended solids (TSS) from the site caused by stormwater runoff.

In Texas, the TCEQ Technical Guidance Manual (TGM) should be followed when determining type needed, designing and maintaining permanent Storm Water BMPs.

Clean Earth SolutionsClean Earth Solutions

Clean Earth Solutions is the industry leader in Storm Water BMP (Best Management Practice) restoration, repair and management.

Clean Earth SolutionsStormwater is untreated runoff from rainfall. It flows across impervious surfaces, through fields and over construction sites, crossing municipal boundaries and carrying contaminants to our lakes, streams and aquifers. These contaminants can include sediment, excess nutrients, heavy metals, oil, pesticides and bacteria. The primary concerns of stormwater runoff is erosion and contaminant transfer.

"By controlling stormwater runoff and stopping erosion before it becomes laden with sediment, you can avoid costly clean-up and environmental effects from ever occurring."

Properly treating stormwater on impervious cover or controlling it before it causes erosion during any construction activity is important regardless of the size or type of land usage.

As stormwater permits and management plans are being incorporated into the framework of urbanized areas, it becomes imperative that water quality is addressed in the BMPs of the various construction phases. Stormwater BMPs reduce or eliminate contaminant transfer.

Storm Water Runoff Clean Earth Solutions Without proper planning to protect the soil surface, erosion and contaminant transfer can have a tremendous negative impact on the environment. Not properly treating your stormwater runoff may result in stiff fines, legal and environmental liabilities!

Proper and routine maintenance and inspection of these facilities
is not only the sensible thing,
it's also THE  LAW!

Storm Water BMPs are designed for two primary reasons. . . 

  • Stormwater BMPs, or basins, are designed to buffer, or control, the immediate runoff surge of stormwater from a rainfall event on impervious cover.  Impervious cover is any hard surface that will not absorb rainfall, such as paving, roofs, sidewalks, etc..
  • The second function of a stormwater BMP, or basin, is to act as a filter, or trap, of various pollutants and trash.  There are many different types of BMPs and each target specific types and sizes of pollutants.  These pollutants may range from simple trash and debris to various fertilizers, pesticides and petroleum hydrocarbons.

Basic types of Stormwater BMPs are listed below:

  1. Retention Basin - Sometimes referred to as Retention / Re-irrigation basins.  These basins are designed to hold storm water for extended periods of time, and then if utilized for re-irrigation, applied to existing vegetated areas.
  2. Detention Basin - The function of these basins is to temporarily capture and hold immediate runoff surge from a rainfall event.  They also provide some minor filtering or debris retention depending on design.  These basins are designed to slowly release the detained stormwater out to a nearby receptor at a controlled rate.
  3. Filtration Basin - The last major category of stormwater BMPs are filtration basins.  The primary function of these basins is to filter specific pollutants out of stormwater.  These pollutants may range from solids and trash to fertilizers, pesticides and petroleum hydrocarbons.  

Stormwater BMPs
that are not properly
and routinely inspected
or maintained
are subject to fines
up to $ 25,000.00 per day!

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