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Dispenser Calibration

One of the most basic, yet most important services that Clean Earth Solutions offers is DISPENSER CALIBRATION. This, as with all “other” services offered by Clean Earth Solutions, is conducted “in house”, by our own certified technicians. Dispenser calibration is one of the most simplistic, yet critical services in compliance and financial management!
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Clean Earth Solutions Utilizes Only Certified Testing Equipment

Proper calibration of fueling dispensers is one of the many “maintenance” items that can directly increase margins and profit by correctly matching sales to volume sold.

Dispenser Calibration Services

Dispenser calibration is a simple, quick service that will not require expensive down time or disrupt your normal business. . . It will however, maximize your fuel margins and keep you compliant with all regulatory agencies!

Dispensers that are not properly calibrated are also subject to fines up to $100.00 per meter!

On a typical MPD, that’s a whopping $600.00 per dispenser and a
possible shut down of your site!

Clean Earth SolutionsProper Calibration of Fueling
Dispensers will:

  • Eliminate or reduce regulatory violations,
    fines and / or lock outs.
  • Eliminates or reduces reconciliation issues;
    SIR, BIR or blending ratio problems.
  • Eliminates or reduces negative consumer perception.
  • Maximize fuel margins and profit.
Calibration Test Equipment
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